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Inscape Publishing Important Changes


At Wings of Success LLC, our goal is to partner with you to develop your people.  As a leading Authorized Distributor of the Inscape Publishing family of assessment-based learning solutions, we’re writing to let you know of some important changes to the Inscape Publishing DiSC product line. 

Pricing Updates
Like any other company, Inscape Publishing needs to periodically adjust product pricing to stay aligned with market rates. While Inscape has not had a price increase since 2007, we were recently informed that Inscape is adjusting their prices on EPIC credits and paper profiles.
This price increase will go into effect June 1, 2011. EPIC credits will be $3.35 suggested retail, and paper profiles will increase around 5%.
The number of EPIC credits per report has not changed.  You can find this list in your EPIC sub-account under “Manage your account” then “Credits Charged for Reports.”

DiSC Branding
Inscape Publishing is the leading researcher and publisher of DiSC assessments and reports.  As part of this ongoing commitment, our product lines have expanded significantly over the last several years.  Along with this expansion has unfortunately come some brand confusion.  To help alleviate these concerns, Inscape has recently announced some streamlining and re-branding.

DiSC® Classic Line of Products:
The DiSC® Classic and DiSC® PPSS reports are still considered part of the DiSC® Classic line of products.  These reports are based on the traditional 28-question forced choice assessment and are represented with the bar graph.  The main change here is that the Everything DiSC® Facilitation System (big blue box with big binder) is now called the DiSC® Classic Facilitation.

Additionally, the DiSC® Classic Facilitation System is being re-formatted with all facilitation materials and videos available on USB (as opposed to previously being on DVD).  The big blue binder will go away, but all the content will be the same and the integrated video will make instructional design much simpler!  The new kits and upgrade options will be available in July.  Stay tuned for more information or contact Cindy if you are interested in learning about how to upgrade this kit when the upgrade becomes available.

The Everything DiSC® Application Library
The Everything DiSC® Application Library will now be known as the Everything DiSC® line.  This includes the newer 79-item assessments featuring the circumplex DiSC map (Workplace, Management, Sales, 363 for Leaders, and coming soon, The Work of Leaders).
Along with this, a new brand look was unveiled.  On April 28th, you may have noticed the message in your EPIC sub-account or saw the new look when you printed your Everything DiSC profiles. The contents of the products HAVE NOT changed at all. It’s the same great content with a fresh look.  Also, the boxes are smaller, saving packaging material to be more 'green.'

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