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Which DiSC Assessment should you take?

DiSC assessments provide valuable insights into creating effective group interaction and participation.  While any DiSC assessment will provide benefits, regardless of the roles played within a team, Inscape Publishing has developed special DiSC products specifically geared towards specific audiences.  A few of these are listed below.  Read each description to decide which tailored assessment program is right for you and your team.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profile offers unique insight into the role of a leader. With this leadership profile, you will discover your DiSC leadership style and learn a simple three-step process to help you approach your work, based on three fundamentals of the dynamics of leadership:

  • Vision
  • Alignment
  • Execution

The Work of Leaders profile is based on four years of research and development - assurance that this is real-world, practical material that focuses on what is important about leadership.

If you have ever asked:

  • How does my leadership style affect the group?
  • Could I get more done if I behaved differently?
  • How do I motivate people that don’t instantly “click” with my brand of leadership?

Then an Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profile will help you.

Have you ever read the biography of a famous or modern leader and wondered why you “just couldn’t” emulate her behavior? Has it made you wonder whether you were on the right path?

This leadership profile will help you find the answers you are looking for.

Consisting of:

  • 23 pages of highly personalized results
  • Context-specific leadership best-practice behaviors
  • Strong visuals to illustrate and make clear key concepts
  • Feedback based on your specific situation
  • Tips and strategies for improving your leadership effectiveness - that you can use right away

The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders report is the first step towards a better understanding of yourself and unlocking your potential as a leader.

The Everything DiSC Management Profile

The Everything DiSC Management Profile is your solution to improving management skills and flexibility.  With this DiSC profile, managers and the learning professionals that work with them can learn:

  • How to increase flexibility in any circumstance
  • How to improve delegation skills
  • How to develop leadership traits in themselves and others
  • How to create motivation

The Everything DiSC Management Profile is an excellent tool for use in executive coaching sessions and career development.

Everything DiSC Workplace

This is your path to increased productivity through better relationships.

It allows you to understand the DiSC styles of the people that you work with.  This understanding betters your team’s ability to get work done.  If your goals are any of the following, the Everything DiSC Workplace is for you:

  • Bettered inter-office communication
  • Better communication and understanding between all team members - no matter their rank within the organization.
  • Conflict management strategies
  • Long-term strategies for team building
  • Motivation

Everything DiSC workplace consists of a 20-page report, tailored to the workplace, that focuses on strengths of team members and how these relate to the strengths of other work partners, as well as defined strategies for building better relationships in the workplace.

Everything DiSC Sales

Everything DiSC Sales is the solution to flagging sales and a down economy.  The assessments teach salesmen how to read their prospects - and close more sales.  Once the salesman takes the assessment, she learns her specific sales style and how to adapt her style to the personas of different buyer types.

Which DiSC product is right for you?

So many quality DiSC® products are available - which is the right one for you or your team? The DiSC Learning Solutions team has developed an innovative tool to help you determine the best DiSC product for your needs, to help you the most right now.

Simply fill out the survey by clicking the link below and one of our DiSC product specialists will get back to you quickly with the matching recommendation for you.

Any information that you provide, including your email address, will be held in confidence and will not be sold or given away to anyone. We abhor spam and won't fill your inbox with unnecessary emails. Our goal is support you as you share the DiSC Theory and application with your participants.