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What is a DiSC Assessment?

DiSC is an amazing tool to make a real team.

DiSC assessments can help provide team leaders with solutions to everyday management challenges. DiSC is an online self-assessment in which participants respond to statements indicating which behaviors are most naturally like, or not like, them. They receive a personalized report which indicates their primary DiSC style as well as the typical tendencies and behaviors associated with that style. The reports focus not only on getting to know yourself better, but also on understanding others better and learning to adapt your style to be more effective, individually and as a member of a team. The DiSC Classic reports are more basic reports, while the Everything DiSC reports are highly personalized and application-focused. All DiSC reports bridge the assessment into action - providing real-life tools based on the assessment results that increase effectiveness and develop people.

DiSC can help to:

  • Capitalize on individual strengths.
  • Increase employee engagement.
  • Build emotional intelligence.
  • Gain more cooperation with team members.
  • Reduce backbiting and office politics.
  • Create an atmosphere of efficiency and success.
  • Help leaders access the true potential of associates.
  • Reduce turnover and increase loyalty and productivity.

DiSC assessments provide solid, scientific answers to questions about how to get along and get more done individually and as a team.

By breaking down personality types and management styles into easily understandable behavioral styles, DiSC allows team members and managers to understand each other to make agreement and production easier. A properly done DiSC assessment is the first step in successful team building.

Within hours, your team will:

  • Know their personal strengths and weaknesses as team leaders.
  • Have important tools needed to learn how to interact with others to get more done right now.
  • Learn how to avoid personality conflicts with other team members.
  • Learn to recognize the positive side of different leadership strategies – even strategies that seem to conflict with each other.

Take a DiSC assessment today. Have your team do the same. Get more done in less time. Win.