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Personal Listening Profile Facilitator Kit

  • Personal Listening Profile Facilitator's kit
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Product Description

The Personal Listening Profile® Facilitator Kit includes: One Facilitator's Manual, a fully scripted seminar, overhead masters and reproducible handouts, research and technical background, and two profiles.
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Click here to view a sample Personal Listening Profile - EPIC Version
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Personal Listening Profile Overview

Organizations have always known that success depends on people communicating effectively, contributing not only to the bottom line but to a positive performance environment. Successful organizations also know that good communication is not just about speaking well. It's about the quality of the connection between the senders and the receivers of the message. The strongest influence on the quality and outcome of all communications is the ability to listen effectively. Only by listening effectively can you respond appropriately. The Personal Listening Profile® helps individuals understand how to listen more effectively in a variety of situations. It is useful in many applications, including customer service, presentation skills, conflict resolution, and team building.

The Facilitator’s Kit includes everything you need to conduct a full- or half-day session using the Personal Listening Profile. You’ll get research and technical background, a fully scripted seminar, handouts, and a PowerPoint presentation, making it easy to deliver a comprehensive training experience right out of the box. 

The Personal Listening Profile identifies five listening approaches:

    * Appreciative
    * Empathic
    * Comprehensive
    * Discerning
    * Evaluative

Lessons included for EPIC Version

   1. Introduction
   2. Understanding What Influences Listening
   3. Identifying Your Listening Approach
   4. Exploring Strengths and Challenges
   5. Recognizing When to Use Approaches
   6. Understanding Communication Gaps
   7. Recognizing the Behaviors of Each Listening Approach
   8. Improving Your Listening Skills
   9. Wrap Up

Lessons included for Paper Version

   1. Introduction
   2. Recognizing Communication Barriers
   3. Identifying Your Listening Approach
   4. Understanding Your Listening Approach
   5. Considering Others When You Communicate
   6. Improving Your Listening Skills
   7. Practicing Effective Listening
   8. Wrap Up

Support materials include:

    * Template files for handouts and table tent cards
    * Personal Listening Profile Facilitator Kit Program Overviews
    * Personal Listening Profile Facilitator Kit User Guide
    * Frequently Asked Questions
    * Sample Personal Listening Profile (EPIC version)
    * Sample Personal Listening Profile Facilitator Report
    * Personal Listening Profile Research Report you offer.

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