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Everything DiSC Workplace is your path to increased productivity through better relationships. 

It allows you to discover your DiSC Style as well as understand the DiSC styles of the people that you work with.  This understanding betters your team’s ability to get work done.  If your goals are any of the following, the Everything DiSC Workplace is for you:

  • Discover my DiSC Style and understand my Priorities, Motivators & Stressors.
  • Improved inter-office communication - When problems need to be solved.
  • Better communication and understanding between all team members - no matter their rank within the organization.
  • Conflict management strategies - When thing get tense.
  • Long-term strategies for team building - Strategies to Connect.
  • Motivation - What Behaviors I place High Value on.

Everything DiSC workplace consists of a 20-page report, narrated to the participant, that focuses on the behavioral styles of the participant, learning to read the behavior styles of others, as well as defined strategies for building better relationships in the workplace.

Everything DiSC Workplace EPIC Pro - For a Hassle Free Experience 

The product you are viewing, is delivered via our Premium DiSC Service. This DiSC Assessment and Report is provided to you with an added level of project administrative help. DiSC Learning Solutions Premium Services enables managers, business owners and other professionals to have the benefit of a professional trained in DiSC assessment project administration handling the back-end processes of getting the assessments completed and the reports generated. Simply purchase your assessments with the premium option above and our expert DiSC service manager will contact you shortly to handle the administration of your project.

Sample of a completed DiSC Report, generated upon completion of the Assessment:

Click to see a Sample 20-page Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment:

Sample Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment

DiSC Group Reports:

Group Reports can be an important part of the DiSC process, especially with a team of 5 or more. They are only available to those purchasing our DiSC products utilizing the "Premium Services Option" or to those that have and manage their own EPIC Online Sub Account

Everything DiSC Group Culture Report Sample The report allows you to easily determine a group’s DiSC culture, explore its advantages and disadvantages, discuss its effect on group members, and examine its influence on decision making and risk taking. It does not include participant names.

Everything DiSC Facilitator Report Sample This report is narrated to the Facilitator. The report provides a composite of your group’s DiSC® styles and information on how DiSC® styles can impact your organization’s culture. It includes the names and styles of each participant.

Both of these reports also include an Everything DiSC Map Poster at no additional charge.  This Map Poster shows where all the participants in a group are placed on the DiSC Model. (Participants are not individually identified) This map may be used as a discovery tool in a workshop.

DiSC Comparison Reports:

Another valuable resource only offered with this "Premium Services Option" or to those that manage their own EPIC Online Sub Account, are Free Everything DiSC 1:1 Comparison Reports.  These reports show the optimum way for one person to work with another person when considering their DiSC behavioral styles. Comparison Reports can be created for any two Everything DiSC participants to illustrate their similarities and differences. Comparision Reports are research vailidated and help build better relationships and make DiSC training memorable through concrete examples of how to apply the DiSC training.

This is one report narrated to each 1:1 participant on how to best relate to the other:

Examples: Everything DiSC Comparison report for Alex working with Gracie

                 Everything DiSC Comparison report for Gracie working with Alex : is the new free! Everything DiSC user site! It is free with the purchase of any Premium Services Everything DiSC assessment (except 363 for Leaders) or through your self-managed EPIC account. Within this site your participants may invite each other to free Everything DiSC Comparison reports and create group information.

The participant may have access to the following modules (per your preference) within

  • My Style - an overview of the participants' styles as well as interactive feedback.
  • My Reports - storage of each Everything DiSC profile that a participant has completed.
  • My Comparisons - The invitation system and storage for the participant's 1:1 Comparison reports and Group Comparison reports.
  • Learn about DiSC with the following extensive interactive modules:
    • Timeline of DiSC
    • Explore the DiSC map
    • DiSC Theory
    • DiSC Research
    • Style Podcasts

Additionally, if they are a user of Everything DiSC Sales they have the added option to create Individual Sales Maps by responding to an online questionnaire on a client's behavioral style. The Everything DiSC Sales Maps are free and unlimited!

See our sample site at

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password: samplereport

Everything DiSC Workplace Videos:

This video provides a introduction to the Everything DiSC System:


These two videos (taken from the ED Workplace Facilitation Kit) are great examples of specific instuctions on how to best communicate in the workplace for the different personality styles.

Video 1: How Co-Workers with the "D" style describe themselves in the workplace and what style of communication does not work for them.



 Video 2: An example of how to work more effectively with the Co-Worker above:



Additional Tools to help make Everything DiSC Workpkace more effective for DiSC Projects:

Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit

Everything DiSC Workplace Interaction Guides

Everything DiSC Workplace Style Guides