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Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Individual Assessment (EPIC PRO Option)

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Product Description

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profile offers unique insight into the role of a leader. With this leadership profile, you will discover your DiSC leadership style and learn a simple three-step process to help you approach your work, based on three fundamentals of the dynamics of leadership:

  • Vision

  • Alignment

  • Execution

The Work of Leaders profile is based on four years of research and development - assurance that this is real-world, practical material that focuses on what is important about leadership.

If you have ever asked:

  • How does my leadership style affect the group?

  • Could I get more done if I behaved differently?

  • How do I motivate people that don’t instantly “click” with my brand of leadership?

Then an Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profile will help you.

Have you ever read the biography of a famous or modern leader and wondered why you “just couldn’t” emulate her behavior? Has it made you wonder whether you were on the right path?

This leadership profile will help you find the answers you are looking for.

Consisting of

  • 23 pages of highly personalized results

  • Context-specific leadership best-practice behaviors

  • Strong visuals to illustrate and make clear key concepts

  • Feedback based on your specific situation

  • Tips and strategies for improving your leadership effectiveness - that you can use right away

The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders report is the first step towards a better understanding of yourself and unlocking your potential as a leader.

Everything DiSC Workplace managed with EPIC PRO - For a Hassle Free Experience 

The product you are viewing, is a Premium DiSC Service. This DiSC Assessment and Report is provided to you with an added level of administrative help. Completely unique to DiSC Learning Solutions, this service enables managers, business owners and other professionals to have the benefit of a professional trained in DiSC administration handling the back-end processes of getting the assessments completed and the reports generated. Simply purchase your assessments with the premium option above and our expert DiSC service manager will contact you shortly to handle the administration of your project.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Sample Report:

Click to see a Sample 23-page Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Report featuring new Adaptive Testing Phrase version:

Sample Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile

DiSC Group Reports:

Group Reports can be an important part of the DiSC process, especially with a team of 5 or more. They are only available to those purchasing our DiSC products utilizing the "Premium Option" or to those that have and manage their own EPIC Online Sub Account. 

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Group Report Sample for a group of 9 people.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Facilitator Report Sample for a group of 8 people.

Both of these reports can also include the Everything DiSC Map Poster at no additional charge.  This Map Poster showes where all the participants (participants are not individually identified) in a group placed on the DiSC Model.

DiSC Comparison Reports:

Another valuable resource only offered with this "Premium Option" or to those that have and manage their own EPIC Online Sub Account, are Free Everything DiSC Comparison Reports.  These reports show the optimum way for one person to work with another person when considering their DiSC behavioral styles. Comparison Reports can be created for any two Everything DiSC participants to illustrate their similarities and differences. Comparision Reports are research vailidated and help build better relationships and make DiSC training stick through concrete examples of how to apply the DiSC training.

These reports can be created showing both participants how to best relate to the other:

Examples: Everything DiSC Comparison report for Alex working with Gracie

                 Everything DiSC Comparison report for Gracie working with Alex

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Video:

This video provides a brief introduction to Everything DiSC Work of Leaders:


Additional Tool to help make Everything DiSC Work of Leaders more effective:

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Facilitation Kit

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