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Self-manage your assessment distribution by purchasing Everything DiSC Profile codes. You will receive your purchased codes in an excel sheet. You will direct one code to each respondent, making sure you track who received each code.

Your respondents will be directed to our EPIC Assessment Code Entry Page where they will enter their personal code to complete their assessment. Upon completion of their assessment, they will be able to immediately view their profile results. They may then Save/Print/Email their results. 

If you want your participants to have access to or be included in group reports please choose the Premium Services option for your assessments or consider managing your own EPIC account! Call us for assistance! 1.888.871.1780 Ext 2.

To determine whether you want your respondents to have access to; visit our sample site and tour the interactive learning modules and personalized, interactive sample feedback as well as the Everything DiSC Comparison Report Invitation System for creating free Everything DiSC Comparison Reports and group map.

sample login:  password: samplereport

Remember to purchase under our Premium Services or EPIC account self management option to have access to group reports or

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  • Everything DiSC Workplace® Sample Report Everything DiSC Workplace® Map

    Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile

    Everything DiSC Workplace is your path to increased productivity through personal understanding and improving relationships.It allows you to understand your DiSC style as well as the DiSC styles of the people that you work with.  This understanding...

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