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Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Profile

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Transform Destructive Conflict Behavior into Productive Responses

The 22-page Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Profile provides an in-depth report that highlights techniques to improve self awareness around conflict behaviors. The language of the profile narrative is supportive, personalized and easily understood without the intervention of an assessment professional. Learners will discover the reasons behind destructive responses to conflict.

Takes learners approximately 15-20 minutes to complete the assessment survey. Profile results are available upon completion.


Customizable: Online tailoring options make it easy to remove or rearrange pages, customize the Profile title, or print select sections.

Existing Data: If learners have existing data from a previous DiSC® assessment, that data can be used with the Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Profile.

Your DiSC Style in Conflict: The profile contains highly personalized information that is specific to a participant’s responses to the assessment and to their corresponding DiSC style.

Why Do I Do This?: Learners discover the reasons behind destructive responses to conflict. This valuable information can also relate to conflict in non-work settings.

Changing Your Response: With strategies to curb destructive responses, learners discover how to step back and reframe productive responses to conflict situations.

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