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Product Description

One of the most exciting things to come from Wiley in recent years is not a product, but a product platform. EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) provides a simple way to deliver Online Assessments via the internet. With an EPIC Online Sub-Account you have access to Wiley's online profiles through EPIC. From your PC, you can administer access codes that allow people to complete the assessments online. Once a respondent finishes answering the questions, the resulting DiSC Report may be view-able to the respondent or you, as admin on your EPIC account, may download the report or email it to another stakeholder. (Coach, Facilitator, Manager), to share with the respondent in a coaching/facilitation session.

EPIC Credits is the term used to describe the "currency" used in the EPIC system. Credits are needed to issue access codes for individual reports and to generate group/facilitator reports. If you don't see your usual EPIC Credit Discount you can contact EPIC Cindy Lekar, Client Solutions Specialist at DiSC Learning Solutions and Wings of Success, LLC.  Call Cindy at 1-888-871-1780 Ext 2. You may contact her by email at cindy@wingsofsuccess.com

Take advantage of EPIC's many features and benefits to revolutionize the way you do business:

Gain Administrative Control

    * Deliver reports where and when you want
    * Manage just-in-time inventory
    * Address the needs of your multi-locations
    * Run reports on files and folders for managment
    * Feature your logo and contact information on-screen and in print
    * Regenerate reports as team members change
    * Reduce costs by eliminating shipping and handling charges

EPIC will quickly become your preferred way to take delivery of online assessments. Why?

Increased Productivity

    * Improved accuracy and ease of scoring
    * Added training time
    * Supports blended learning initiatives
    * Get unique reports and features not available in paper profiles
    * Build group reports from stored data
    * Easily regenerate group reports as staff changes
    * Administrative control in your hands
    * Online help available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
    EPIC Subaccount Support:
    * Quick Start Guide for Sub Accounts  
    * Sub Account User Guide
    * 24/7 Technical Support

Open your EPIC account today and start your team down the path to success!  Email Cindy Lekar at cindy@wingsofsuccess.com to get started now.

(If you are purchasing 500 or more EPIC Credits, the shopping cart will automatically apply tiered discounts.)


This table summarizes the credits required for each Everything DiSC Report:




Workplace Profile


Management Profile 25
Sales Profile 25
Work of Leaders 25
Productive Conflict 20
363 for Leaders 50
Group Report 25
Facilitator Report 25
Comparison Report FREE
Supplemental Report FREE
Sales Interaction Map   FREE 
Group Poster 24”x36” PDF FREE
Team View FREE


EPIC Credit Volume Purchasing Schedule, see cart for details:

  • Buy 1 - 249 and pay only $4.30 each
  • Buy 250 - 499 and pay only $4.10 each
  • Buy 500 - 749 and pay only $4.00 each
  • Buy 750 - 999 and pay only $3.95 each
  • Buy 1.000 - 1.499 and pay only $3.90 each
  • Buy 1,500 - 1,999 and pay only $3.85 each
  • Buy 2,000 + and pay only $3.80 each

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