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EPIC Account for self management

Product Description

The EPIC Sub Account Suggested Retail price is $216.00.  However, we believe in the value of the EPIC Sub Accounts and wish to extend special pricing for our clients new to EPIC or those wishing to expand the number of EPIC Sub Accounts in their organization.

Please see our special announcement below.

Also please note that you will need to purchase EPIC Credits in order to produce reports.

The EPIC Online Sub Account allows you as the team leader, manager or learning professional, to fully control your team’s DiSC experience.

By setting up your account, you will have access to a variety of tools that will help your team get the most out of its assessments - and help you completely control every aspect of their experience.

Benefits include:

  • Comparison reports to at a glance measure the strengths and weaknesses of a team.

  • Fully customizable report structure with your own company logo

  • Access to expert advice if you require help to keep your program rolling - support is free and ongoing.
  • Additional reports available nowhere else.

Special announcement on EPIC Sub Account Pricing:

  • For new clients who purchase an initial order of 500 EPIC Credits or more, we will waive the cost of the EPIC Sub Account.  Please note on your EPIC Credits order in the "Comments" field that you wish to take advantage of this Free EPIC Sub Account offer with your initial purchase of 500 or more EPIC Credits.
  • For new clients who purchase less than 500 EPIC Credits with their initial order, we can offer you a special 50% off the regular price. Please purchase the product below with your initial purchase of EPIC Credits.
  • For Existing clients who already have an EPIC Sub Account and wish to have another EPIC Sub Account, we can offer the new Sub Account at a special 50% off the regular price. You can do this two ways:
  1. Add the product below to your order and note in the "Comments" field in the shopping cart what the main Sub Account you wish to add this Sub Account to. 
  2. Send an email to Client Support at disc@developpeople.com today or call 1-888-871-1780 X1 and tell us that you’d like to purchase another EPIC Sub Account to add to your existing EPIC Sub Account.

Also please note that you will need to purchase EPIC Credits in order to produce reports.

To view examples of the unique reports that EPIC allows you to generate, click below: