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DiSC Classic 2 PLUS Participant Profile Code (Electronic Version) - No Group Report Needed

If you are purchasing 5 or more assessments today, or would like the benefit and ability to generate DiSC Group Reports or Free Comparison Reports, we strongly recommend reading this article before purchase:

  • online DiSC Classic 2 Plus
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Product Description

The DiSC Classic 2.0 Plus is the original DiSC Classic assessment, complete with 6 additional supplements included in the price.

If you will need a group report see DiSC Classic 2.0 PLUS Participant Profile (Online Version) - Premium Services

This profile has all the key features that have made DiSC a proven tool for over 40 years, including:

  • personalized analysis of the respondent’s leadership style

  • comprehensive advice for improving leadership abilities across multiple dimensions

  • real-world practical tools based on the respondent’s own personal preferred method of interacting with others

In addition, the 2.0 plus also comes with up to 6 supplemental reports for use in specific training and work environments.  They are:

  • Strategies for Creating a Positive Relationship This report describes how to establish a relationship based on the answers provided that is based upon trust and mutual respect.

  • Relating to People and the Environment This report provides insight into how you relate to your peers and the environment.

  • Strategies for Managing This provides effective management advice for team leaders in working with the respondent.

  • Approach to Managing Others This report analyzes the respondent’s management style and behavior toward subordinates.

  • Strategies for Sales Management This report gives sales managers the tools and insight needed to help the respondent achieve their maximum potential as a sales person.

  • Approach to Selling This report describes how the respondent performs essential steps in the sales process.

(All DiSC Online products are delivered electronically via an Access Code emailed to you within 24 hours after purchase, excluding weekends and holidays. Taking the assessment is as easy as clicking the link in the email and entering the code.)

Order your DiSC Classic 2.0 Plus today and begin your journey to a more productive team!

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