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Benefits of DiSC


Sales Force:

HR Managers:

Team Members:

Leaders: At all levels

What are the benefits to taking the assessments for managers?

Managers can benefit in several ways from taking our DiSC assessments.  First, regardless of what industry, profession, sector, or any other classification you want to use, managers are first and foremost in the people business.  Their job is to orchestrate people to get work done.  Dealing with people is largely an art, but applying the science of DiSC to people interactions increases effectiveness and takes some of the mystery out of the process.  Regardless of your natural style, the more managers learn about how to “read people”, understand the dynamics of the styles – such as motivating factors and natural fears, they will more quickly and easily be able to relate to and give direction and support to their employees.  Conflict will be diminished, both between them and their employees, as well as between employees.  Instead of spending all day on “personality conflicts,” they’ll be able to navigate individual differences and coach employees to communicate more effectively.  

Managers are responsible for the productivity of their teams, ease of administration and memorable and verified results.  Communication mistakes, frustrations and delays are minimized when “speaking the language” of each person, based on their individual DiSC style.  Trust is built more rapidly, delegation is smooth, and employees feel more engaged and motivated.  Managers can focus more on clearing barriers and helping develop their people based on their natural strengths instead of going in circles trying to get people to understand what they are saying.  Streamline communication, reduce conflict and focus on the business instead of dealing with “people problems” all day.

How can a sales force benefit from using DiSC?

There are two ways to approach selling – selling a product or selling a solution.  Selling a solution always generates more sales … The key to selling a solution, however, is to recognize that you are selling the solution to SOMEONE’S problem!  That means you need to understand PEOPLE and what makes them tick in order to really “get” their problems and be able to recommend solutions that will work for them.  By taking the Everything DiSC Sales assessment, sales people learn how to “decode” people.  They learn to recognize behavioral cues, more deeply understand their customers’ motivating factors, fears, and buying priorities.  They then learn to talk their customers’ unique “DiSC-based” language so that customers feel heard and understood.  As salespeople respond by talking the customers’ language, the customer will trust them more, and more readily listen to solutions the salesperson is offering.  It won’t feel like “being sold to.”  Instead, it will feel like a trusted advisor helping solve your problem.  And that will increase sales, repeat business, and customer referrals!

How should HR managers use DiSC?

HR Directors are typically responsible for creating and supporting systems and processes that will enable their company to maximize effectiveness in the employee life cycle.  From pre-screening to selection, from coaching to career development, from performance management to retiring or firing, HR has to accommodate multiple needs and perspectives all along the way.  One of the biggest challenges is creating a culture with supporting systems that unifies the workforce while also meeting individuals’ needs.  The Everything DiSC family of assessments allows them to do just that.  Our Role Behavior Analysis can take some of the guess work out of job structure and role expectations by determine the behavioral needs of roles within job classifications.  Potential litigation can be averted as behavioral-based questions are generated to be used in structured interviews.  Once matched with DiSC assessments, this can be part of a selection, hiring and onboarding process to ensure a “good fit” between candidates and job placement.  Career management and placement becomes a “safer bet” as employees better understand themselves and managers better understand the needs, strengths and interests of their employees.  Money is saved and hassle is minimized by getting people into the right jobs, and by reducing turnover and job dissatisfaction.  Instilling the “DiSC language” creates a culture in which managers and employees alike learn to build trust-based relationships, avert and manage conflicts, give and receive feedback and make better, more robust decisions by valuing and capitalizing on differences – all of which leads to higher employee engagement and increased productivity.  That’s something HR can get excited about!

How do team members benefit from using the DiSC system?

The Gallup organization’s research suggests that one factor of “engaged employees” is having a best friend at work.  While many people have this, far too often we work with team members that just plain get under our skin and we’d choose not to deal with if we didn’t have to.  Everything DiSC assessments help us to understand natural differences between people.  The more we realize that people aren’t doing things just to annoy us, but that is how they get their natural motivational needs met, what provides psychological security to them or what pushes their fear button, the more we can learn to not only accept their behaviors but to value those very differences and work together to achieve more.  No one likes to be involved with work conflicts, and DiSC provides a language and process for averting and minimizing conflicts.  It also increases our individual self-awareness and helps team members learn how to position themselves for success – on the team, in roles, jobs, and companies that best fit their strengths, interests and styles.  DiSC also helps team members learn to adapt and be flexible in their styles so they can manage their behaviors and emotions to be more successful in the workplace.  We all have parts of our jobs that call on us to use behaviors that aren’t as comfortable for us.  DiSC helps us learn to flex to meet those needs without stressing out.  Also, the more we understand our natural behavioral tendencies, the better we can manage our time, knowing when we need to work with others, when we need to work alone, what is going to give us energy and what is going to pull energy away from us.

How do leaders benefit from making use of the DiSC system?

Leaders are defined by their ability to influence change.  They are asked to provide a vision, align their followers to the vision, and execute on that vision.  DiSC provides a framework in which communication and interpersonal relationships can be personalized and individuated so that each person hears the message based on their priorities and clearly understand how their strengths enable the accomplishment of the vision.

Whether you are a “high potential employee” who has aspirations to move into leadership, you are a new project leader or you are a seasoned vet running a division or an entire company, the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders will clarify the process for the work you do and provide you with best practices to become the best leader you can be.  We all have natural strengths and natural limitations (aka challenge areas, weaknesses, opportunities for improvement).  Too often leaders are told what leadership is supposed to be or provided grandiose pictures of the ultimate leader, but they aren’t provided with tangible, actionable, personalized feedback and strategies for HOW to improve as a leader.  That is exactly what both Everything DiSC Work of Leaders and our rater-based 360’ assessment 363 for Leaders does for you.  As a leader, you will learn context-based best practices, assess how you are currently doing on enacting those best practices, and you’ll be given specific tips and strategies, relative to your behavioral style and your current leadership gaps, on how to improve.


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