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The Everything DiSC Difference

What are the differences between the DiSC assessments offered by Wiley and those offered by other publishers?

There are several DiSC publishers that have created DiSC programs.  Each of those publishers started with the same DiSC theory based on William Moulton Marsten’s original work at Columbia University.  Over time, however, the publishers have invested varied amounts of research and focus on deepening their understanding of DiSC theory, what it means in “real-world” applications, and how to present it to the world in useful, meaningful assessments and reports.

“Everything DiSC is the first behavioral assessment of its kind to implement adaptive testing, Everything DiSC’s adaptive testing ‘treatment’ is an innovation in the field as well as a real value-add for our customers.”

The original DiSC publisher, Performax Learning, evolved into Inscape Publishing. which evolved into the DiSC Classic and Everything DiSC assessments offered by Wiley & Sons Publishing.  Everything DiSC has the most experience and deepest commitment to researching and developing cutting-edge DiSC tools that go “from assessment to action.”  Everything DiSC continues to evolve a better understanding and application of DiSC.  With the Everything DiSC line of assessments, each application was researched and then the researchers asked “does this fit with DiSC, and if so, how?”  They didn’t try to force-fit DiSC into applications. They built assessments applications that are statistically reliable and valid that add to the body of knowledge for both DiSC and the applicable research application areas.  The Everything DiSC circumplex model, which now uses an adaptive testing approach, provides the most highly personalized, customized and accurate DiSC assessments on the market.  They don’t just represent one’s style as “D” “I” “S” or “C.”  They clearly demonstrate that all people are a blend of styles and that our natural behavioral tendencies generate priorities that exhibit our inherent strengths, motivations and fears while guiding and informing our actions.

Users of Wiley's Everything DiSC and DiSC Classic system not only learn about their own DiSC style, they also learn about others’ DiSC styles and how to capitalize on these natural behavioral tendencies in specific application areas including sales, management, leadership and the workplace overall.  People don’t just learn a theory or get an out-dated representation of their DiSC tendencies. They get specific insight to improve their relationships and results immediately.

Wiley brand Everything DiSC, leading provider of assessment-driven classroom learning solutions, uses adaptive testing, an interactive assessment process that tailors questions based on an individual’s item responses. Researched and developed for decades in the context of achievement testing and intelligence quotient (IQ) scoring, Wiley's Everything DiSC implementation of the adaptive testing measurement better aligns with standards established by the psychological assessment community.

As a Wiley Everything DiSC Authorized Distributor, DiSCLearningSolutions.com includes Everything DiSC in their list of offerings. With the improved measurement technology of adaptive testing, Everything DiSC assigns individuals’ DiSC styles more precisely than ever, which in turn generates a more dynamic participant profile. The increased precision and higher level of personalized results in a better experience for Everything DiSC users.

Everything DiSC harnesses the power of the third generation of the DiSC® model—one of the most widely used, scientifically-based approaches to assessing personality and developing critical interpersonal business skills. With programs for leadership, sales, management, and workplace development, Everything DiSC programs are in-depth, specialized, and client customized to fit clients’ needs.